Luxury Soy Candles

Luxury Soy Candles
Luxury Soy Candles
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Product Description

Candles are the best at setting a mood and with this luxury soy candle you will definitely be making your home or office feel every bit of i-love-me! Make lighting a candle part of your Everyday Calm in your home or at the office. Use them to enhance your bath or shower experience, while you are cooking, doing laundry, reading, meditating, working at the computer, or even while you exercise.

Each luxury soy candles is hand-made using only biodegradable soybean wax, giving you the best soy candles available in the country. Each 7.5 ounce candle burns at least 60 hours. Have fun experimenting with the various moods you can create with each of these wonderful scents.

A description of the fragrances is here.